Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The finger;

photographer anonymous

     You know what's more offensive than the middle finger? The "index finger". That's right, I'm not making this up. The most annoying thing happened to me the other day while I was minding my business, enjoying my marble slab. This guy and girl walk up the escalator past the icecream shop and the guy starts pointing at me and .. dare I say it.. Laughing;o (yeah, I checked behind me to make sure the pointing was at me; it was:)) 7asasny I had icecream all over my shirt or andIcecream mustache or something. Ill muhim, so I dont get carried away again, pointing isn't nice okay :) . If you have something to say about/to me come say it to my face next time? NOBODY likes getting the finger. I know you wouldn't ;) and thats about it, x

Oh and world cup? Madre laish I'm not feeling it as much as every one else. Although the germany vs. australia game made me laugh ;D *no offense australians* butt... I bet my toddler cousin could've done better than you ;o *oh snap*.

Song for listen; Radar Detector - Darwin Deez . Waka Waka. enjoy your day, x

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Childish dreams

    I'm sure we've all had them. You know, those things you've allways wanted as a kid, killa mn television influences etcetera; back when life was simple and naive, and the worst you could've asked for was a tree house. As A little kid I've always wanted to have these things;

- a tree house hotel (no lie;p)
- My very own Icecream Makeena Machine. To say I was obsessed with it is an understatement.
- Scooby doo.
- A life-sized barney to beat up (i know, Baaad phlasho;o).
- An imaginary friend I could see.
- Never Never land and peterpan to be reall. I always told my parents I wanted to go to the netherlands as a child thinking it was secretly nevernever land. Killa minik peter pan! ;p Santa clause ain't got nothin' on him.
- To be a fairy by day, and a mermaid by night.
- To be the flowergirl at a wedding! never happened btw;/ hmph.

What an imagination eh?;p Well tell me about some of your childish fantasies! We'll choose a winner maybe ;p. x

Sunday, June 6, 2010

HEAT WAVE kuwait

Seriously, seriously? could it GET more hotter? Lo tshoufoun my terrible summer-i state right now, you'd be laughing. Im in this flowy top and basket ball shorts #nolie. What does a person have to do to get some cool around here? (keep in mind the ac is blasted on high 3ndyy).

Okaay Updates?
I hear weezy's gonna be released a week before my birthday, in november, true that? yes no?
- Ideas to make this scorching hot summer a cool one? new placces? (If I find any I'll be telling you all)

- Faverite drink of mine? U'll need;
= Lime freez ( the white one)
= Raspberry syrup (specifically the one from starbucks)
= red bull
- Ice

Mix em all together with just three pumps of the raspberry syrup and you have yourselves a tasty thirst quencher (if you like that sorta thing)

what the drink looks like (ps; taken like forevvverr ago)

What I wish I was doing right now

As you can see, this was a rather random post. Also its what happens when you have a bored person and the internet, Pointless much? x

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Record; reached?

Seriouslyyy! K-town clue mee in. Are you trying to break a world record with your line making? wela awal magaloww shay il naas habetoww 3alay?

First! it's pinkberry and there humungous 2 meter lines, and now SLIDERS too;o there taking everything good and turning it into evil, I tell you, EVIL! If only you'd seen the 7osa there today ;O me and my friends even left early because of it. I swear there are like 3 other burger joints on the street ;( leave my slider's bee! ;o x

Ps; I would post photos of both lines but I'm having trouble finding them ;/ x
PPS; Hot new organic joint! Check out the BakingTray here, x


Ufff, okay I'mbored so I thought 'hey why not post something, its not like I'm doing anything productive anyways'
Todays topic? A rather *ahem* sensitive issue; Our societies point of view on ladies and gents.

Me being a girl, I see that how gents are treated is much lighter than what we, "the girls" have to deal with (correct me if I'm wrong boys;).
Guys get to do as they please, whenever they please; they could stay out a whole week without nobody thinking they were abducted by aliens *seriously I'd like to go ONE DAY without anybody wondering what happened to me, or wether I was dead*; They travel alone :( *jellouuus7aail* and pretty much, they have a free pass on most things the world has to offer; just cuz theyr guys.

Us girls, on the otherhand? even if most of our parents *il7amdella* are willing to give us our freedom, and let us do most things guys do, none of our parents would let us stay out a whole week, would they? it's allways the same old , "Your a girl, act like one." over and over again.
What's so bad about acting a little more freely & independantly then you'd like? *cough*nothing*cough*

 Thankyou wiseacre for this foto, x
pps; I just realized the idiot foto wont show *angry mumble* ;@ wtever press on the link to see it. Verry purty :) 

Random question of the day; If you were the opposite sex for a day, what would you do & why? x
ps; I was bored, && you guys knoww how mach I laaave orange, right? well, MYPOINTIS, I changed the layout ;D you like? no like? tell meee ;o x 

Friday, May 28, 2010


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm dedicating a post a week to "1000" our foto of the week and I want your thoughts on it, kay? x